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Food Journaling


Food journals are a great tool to identify areas of your diet which could use improvement.  We often do not realize the type and quantity of foods we blinded graze upon.  My patients often express surprise when they journal daily consumption habits.

Food journaling is a measurement tool.  That which we measure gets managed.

In this post I will give tips on how to food journal and provide key tips for improving dietary habits. [click to continue…]


Fail Forward Fast


Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.  

C.S. Lewis


My topics often focus on motivational themes, fitness, proper nutrition and general higher function living. We all secretly want to be high performing goal crushing machines.

But sometimes that doesn’t happen. [click to continue…]


Food For Thought



“What you do and what you tolerate in your presence best demonstrates your standards.”
Admiral Eric Olson, former Commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command


Why Exercise Makes Us Harder to Kill

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.

John F. Kennedy

Why do you think we feel good after intense exercise?

Endorphins of course!  The physiologic adaptation providing a buzz of “Feel Good” hormones often after torturous physical activity.

Modern research (See Spark / Habits) suggest human genes code for hunting/gathering behavior.  We were literally built to chase fast animals across extreme distances, steadily wearing down our quarry.  Exercise physiology suggests we are aerobic machines with the added bonus of explosive anaerobic ability.  This permits intense bursts of strength or speed enabliing the ability to “pounce” for a final kill.

Dynamic brain imaging, mapping of radioactive neurotransmitters, and mountains of exercise physiology reveals the human body maintains and performs best when physically mimicking our ancestors.

Benefits of Exercise

Consider the following exercise related facts:

  • Children learn 40% faster when physically active
  • Intense exercise increases brain cell regeneration
  • Exercise is a “Keystone habit”  Start Exercising and other good habits naturally follow
  • High blood pressure, Diabetes, Obesity, and Heart Disease all improve with regular exercise
  • Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Alzhiemer’s patient’s all show benefit with regular exercise
  • Exercise has been show to be as effective as medications for depression, anxiety and related mood disorders.
  • Weight lifting increases testosterone and improves libido.
  • Weight bearing exercise improves bone density and decreases fall risk
  • Excercise decreases food cravings and helps with addictive tendencies

So nature provides endorphins, natural morphine, to encourage our physical activity.

The “Runner’s high” really reflects a “Hunter’s high.”

Our genetics provide the subtle reminder and encouragement that to survive one must be able to “Go the distance.”

Though modern man relies less on the day to day physical survival skills of our ancestors, we are still more strong, clever, adaptable, and hard to kill when we embrace what our genetic design intended.

There’s too much research now to ignore the obvious.  Doctors should stop suggesting exercise and start prescribing exercise.

What Style of Exercise Works Best?

My patients sometimes roll their eyes or sigh when I mention exercise.  “I’m too busy, no time, work, school, kids, arthritis, weather, mosquitos, gym fees, over-weight”….you name it, I’ve heard it all.

I recently began shifting my approach.  I now prescribe very specific types of exercise designed to maximize our hunter/gatherer genetic skill set.

This now includes some form of aerobic exercise 5 days weekly, building up to 30-45 min of steady aerobic work….channeling the inner hunter chasing antelope.

I also add 1 to 2 days of more intense exercise activities weekly such as weight training, stair climbing, body weight calisthenics or sprinting.  Even a few minutes of high intensity provides the needed physiologic triggers to gain many more dynamic benefits of exercise…enhancing our ability to perform in survival moments.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

Teddy Roosevelt


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Natural Insomnia Cures (Part Three)

Cancer Prevention

In the first two sections about insomnia we outlined common triggers for sleep disorders.  I also explored common medical conditions associated with sleep dysfunction.  If you missed the first two parts you can catch up here and here.

In part two (7 Causes of Insomnia) I noted my clinically relevant causes of insomnia.  The cure for greater than 85% of the cases I treat improve with diligent attention /elimination/addition to the items mentioned in the causes of insomnia article.

As a reminder those include:

  • Specific Stimulant Elimination
  • Avoiding High Sugar/Carbohydrate foods
  • Modifying Stress
  • Avoiding prescription medication culprits
  • Start Exercising
  • Managing chronic pain
  • Seeking Help for Psychiatric Conditions
  • Obtaining a checkup to make sure no chronic medical conditions exist

Patients often ask me to help them with “Natural” supplements to imrove sleep.  I’ll list a few favorite recipes and products:

Supplments for Insomnia

The following cocktail is typically washed down with a 8 ounce cup of Chamomille tea, preferrably with 1 tsp of coconut oil dissolved.  This stablizes blood sugar and the fat decreases insulin swings at night that commonly trigger insomnia.  Each supplement can be used individually  or together depending on need.  Turn off TV/Radio/Smart Phones (See Media fasting) Establish a routine, hot shower, stretching, and breathing exercises like box breathing.

1.  Minchex 2 at bedtime  (Mineral support–Mg and calcium)

2.  Formula 303  2 at bedtime

The supplements are worth a try.  They are natural and non habit forming.  Keep in mind insomnia the vast majority of the time is caused by the aforementioned nutritional, medicinal, and lifestyle issues…..

Feedback or questions are welcome here!