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NRGTRIBE’s Top 10 “Healthy Fats”




I get a lot of questions related to fat and cholesterol containing foods.

Looking lose weight?  

Recover from inflammation?  

Improve brain function and overall energy?  

Adding quality healthy fats is a cornerstone of the NRG Diet.

To help orientate you to some of my favorite sources of these foods, check out the my top 10!

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Diabetic Momentum Series: Overcoming Diet Frustration



“Damn, Doc, I love carbs!

–anonymous patient

At first I laughed when I heard this newly diagnosed diabetic make this announcement about his diet frustration.

I had my work cut out for me with this guy!

Many diabetics express the common frustration over a “Restricted diet.” [click to continue…]


Diabetic Momentum Series


I recently participated in the Diabetes Summit where I gave practical insight from a busy practice in the heart of Diabetic country.  I was grateful for the opportunity to share the stage with so many top doctors, nutritionists, and healers all passionate about Type 2 Diabetes.  I appreciate the supportive feedback received from listeners after the my interview on my clinical experiences treating Type 2 Diabetes. (T2DM)

I wanted to make the message clear–Diabetes–in many cases–can be cured.

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Food for Thought

Maintaining order rather than correcting disorder is the ultimate principle of wisdom. To cure disease after it has appeared is like digging a well when one gets thirsty, or forging weapons after the war has already begun.

–Huangdi Neijing, 2nd Century BC



Better Health Through Autosuggestion


A few weeks ago I gave a talk on autosuggestion, first used widely by Dr. Emil Coue’, the French Psychologist who popularized the concept of using conscious positive mantras to influence subconscious thought patterns.

He used this method to treat thousands of patients with apparently incurable conditions with considerable success.

This talk first aired on the 1440 Keys to Health segment of the Bob Jones Show during our weekly program.

This is a positive, upbeat exploration of the power of suggestion and the work of Dr. Emil Coue’